Flag Half Staff

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller


Most likely you have noticed the flag of the United States of America is flying at half staff more frequently than in years past. The poignancy of that image and its frequency stirred something in my heart and soul last week. I felt a gut level sensation that a grave new reality — a new normal – has settled upon us. So, I began to ponder a way forward that holds hope and not despair or fear. I was reminded that it’s about resilience. In addition to the honor and respect that the lowered flag reminds us to abide by, it is also a clarion call to carry on through and beyond whatever loss or tragedy it represents. Certainly our forefathers felt challenged in their time and yet their bravado and tenacity blazed courageous trails for us to continue to follow. They were resilient. Here are 10 tips to encourage us to remain resilient as well:

1) Lean into your faith in God or a higher-power
2) Remember we don’t have to fix it all at once – have patience
3) Create and seize regular moments of joy
4) Self soothe with music, exercise, yoga, mediation and/or prayer
5) Talk about your feelings with trusted persons and/or journal your feelings
6) Minimize intake of daily news versus constant streaming
7) Read an inspiring, motivational, non-fiction book
8) Volunteer for something in your community that helps a local cause
9) Feed your imagination by visiting an art gallery or museum
10) Perform a random act of kindness

And there you have it- 10 simple ways to help you keep and strengthen your resiliency in today’s world!

Written by Beth Knight


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