Healing Day by Day

Everyone is on some sort of journey. Our journeys are emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and religious, but all of these journeys are a part of life. We all know love, and we all know pain, but no one can know your love and your pain except you. No one can heal your heart except you. You are too unique, your healing journey is too special to let anyone else take it for you. It is in your hands to play an active role in your own healing, today and all days. What have you done today to promote your own healing?

Everyone is different, but here are some ideas to try out if you aren’t sure what helps promote your own healing:

  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Take a bath
  • Read a book or watch a movie and learn how your favorite hero overcomes their hardships
  • Speak to a mental health professional
  • Play with your pets
  • Hang out with friends who remind you that you are loved no matter what journey you are taking
  • Do arts and crafts and make yourself something beautiful because you deserve to have beautiful things
  • Plant and tend to a garden to get in touch with nature and yourself

What helps you heal?


Created by Savannah Achor


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