Mindfulness May, Week Five: Visualization

Our very last mindfulness exercise of Mindful May is: visualization! This is a topic we have touched on time and time again because of the profound effect that visualization can have on your mental health and daily life. Use visualization to practice preparing for a situation that is causing you anxiety, or to calm tension, worry, and stress surrounding events that have already happened. Always remember to anchor your practice with your breathing!


Created by Savannah Achor


Mindfulness May, Week Four: Love and Kindness

This week’s exercise builds on all of the exercises we have learned so far. Always begin your practice with mindful breathing. Use your breath as the anchor of your practice, to keep you steady, and to always have a place to come back to when your mind begins to wander. The idea behind love and kindness mindfulness and meditation is to fill yourself up with love and then to focus that love on someone you care very deeply about. The act of loving someone and focusing on that love can be incredibly powerful, and healing. Live, love, grow!


Created by Savannah Achor

Mindful May, Week Three: Mindful Listening

Very much like our last week’s challenge, mindful seeing, mindful listening is a mindfulness exercise centered around being completely aware of the present moment through attention to a specific sense. When practicing mindful listening, as with any mindfulness exercise, begin by practicing mindful breathing. Paying attention to your breath first and foremost will always serve as an anchor to your practice, for when your mind begins to wander outside of the present moment and your senses. And trust me, it will. This is a normal part of your mindfulness practice, and remember, practice makes perfect!


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Mindful May: Mindful Senses Part 1 – Mindful Seeing

This week’s challenge is an extension of last week’s challenge, mindful breathing. If you haven’t already, check out our last week’s challenge with a description of mindful breathing here. Breathing mindfully is important to all other mindfulness exercises, as it helps you become aware of yourself, brings you into the present moment, and aids you in viewing the world around without judgement. Once you have a handle on mindful breathing, try this week’s challenge: Mindful Seeing!


Created by Savannah Achor

May Challenge: Mindful Breathing

Happy Wednesday from the folks here at CFPC! This month Dr. Saunders has challenged us all to practicing mindfulness exercises and observing the positive effects that mindfulness practices can bring in our lives. This week, try our first exercise: mindful breathing! The aim of breathing mindfully is to be as aware of our breathing in the present moment as we possibly can. At first, this exercise may be particularly challenging for you, but with time and practice, you will learn to quickly redirect your thoughts and bring yourself into the present moment. Try this exercise for just 5 minutes a day each day this week, and let us know how you feel!


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Mindful May Challenge

We’re trying our hands at a new type of challenge this month with Dr. Saunders’s Mindful May challenge! Each week we will introduce a new mindfulness exercise for you to practice for the rest of the month, and remember, practice makes perfect! The more you practice your mindfulness exercises, the more mindful you will become!


Created by Savannah Achor

Adversity April Challenge

It has been a while since our last post, but here we are! This month’s challenge is centered around overcoming your own adversities. Everyone faces adversity in their lifetime, but the types and degree of adversity that we face is different for us all. What types of adversity have you faced this year? What have you learned from the adversity that you have already overcome? How you can you apply what you have learned from your past to the adversities that you are experiencing in the present? Learn something new about yourself each day, and challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday!

Adversity April.Challenge

Created by Savannah Achor

Boost your Self Esteem Month

February is international boost your self esteem month! Sometimes, we forget that the way we feel about ourselves can, will, and has changed before in the past. Feelings are not stagnant, they change depending on time, place, and circumstances. Everyone goes through periods of time where we maybe don’t like ourselves as much as we think we could or should. But we have the power to change these feelings. Here are some small tips to get you started on boosting your self esteem:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not living anyone’s life but your own. You don’t know exactly what other people are going through, and even the people we admire the most for being healthy, strong, and put together fall apart sometimes too. Focus on yourself and your journey.
  • Use Positive Self-Affirmations. How will you know that you love yourself if you don’t tell yourself?! Look yourself in the face every morning and tell yourself:
    • “I am strong.”
    • “I am beautiful.”
    • “I am intelligent.”
    • “I can handle anything life throws at me.”
    • “I am capable of loving and being loved in return.”
    • “I have confidence in myself and my ability to do my best.”

Even if your affirmations feel forced or half-hearted at first, you will believe in yourself and what you’re saying in time.

  • Exercise. Not only is eating healthy and exercising regularly good for your physical health, but also your mental health! Exercising for 30-60 minutes 3-4 times each week, or as you are able, can help to reshape the way you feel about yourself!
  • Take “me” time. Do something for yourself, whether that’s arts and crafts, meditation, fishing, playing video games, or some combinations of different things, spending time with yourself and doing what you love helps you to relax and decompress from the stresses of your daily life.

More than anything, be kind to yourself. Today and all days.


Created by Savannah Achor

Healing Day by Day

Everyone is on some sort of journey. Our journeys are emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and religious, but all of these journeys are a part of life. We all know love, and we all know pain, but no one can know your love and your pain except you. No one can heal your heart except you. You are too unique, your healing journey is too special to let anyone else take it for you. It is in your hands to play an active role in your own healing, today and all days. What have you done today to promote your own healing?

Everyone is different, but here are some ideas to try out if you aren’t sure what helps promote your own healing:

  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Take a bath
  • Read a book or watch a movie and learn how your favorite hero overcomes their hardships
  • Speak to a mental health professional
  • Play with your pets
  • Hang out with friends who remind you that you are loved no matter what journey you are taking
  • Do arts and crafts and make yourself something beautiful because you deserve to have beautiful things
  • Plant and tend to a garden to get in touch with nature and yourself

What helps you heal?


Created by Savannah Achor

We can help!

Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes. Having a mental health professional to help you process grief, anxiety, and depression can help relieve the pain you feel and allow you the space you need to heal and grow. If you would like to speak to a mental health care professional, call our office today!


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